Saturday, March 5, 2016

I Love You....but please move

i have always been a TV addict-
i cant help doesn't matter what is on, i will watch it-
it doesn't matter what is happening around me...please move, you are blocking the TV...
On August 20th 1979 I had a terrible stomachache and left work early. Mark and I lived in a runned down apt on 110th St and Amsterdam Ave. We didn't have air conditioning, but we did have an  enormous window with a view of St John the Divine. When i got home, i opened the windows and stripped down to my underwear. An unairconditioned apt in NYC ,in late August, is not a place for clothing. I got a pillow and made myself comfortable on the sofa, then turned on our little black and white tv. Lucky for me "Father Knows Best" was on, so i had some serious viewing to keep my mind off my pain.
Mark came home and said he called my office and heard that i left early. He said "let's go out to dinner" and suggested an expensive restaurant. I said, "Are you Crazy?!?We cant afford to go there!!" Then he said that we should splurge. I said , "i have a stomachache ...and be quiet, I'm watching this show"
 ----at this point Bud and Betty's friends were being convinced to help fix the roof...Mother was cleaning or cooking...i cant remember perfectly, because Mark had been interrupting me----
 the next thing i know, Mark is coming out of the kitchen with a bottle of champagne and says, ''let's have a drink." i yelled at him and said that he doesn't listen- i had a stomach ache!!!
He poured two glasses anyway and stood in front of me.
 ----Jim Anderson had by this time come home, Kitten had said something adorable that made her father pat the top of her pig tailed head--
 I am insane with anger now...MOVE!! i am watching and i don't want a drink!!!
A lesser man would have moved...and by moved, i mean all of his belongings from the apartment and found a new girlfriend...but not my Mark...he is patient and kind....he dropped to his knees in front of me and pulled out a diamond ring, and asked me to marry him!
my stomach no longer hurt, we drank champagne and with a ring on my left hand we sat and watched the thrilling conclusion of the show!
----Mother and Kitten brought out platters of snacks for the teens on the roof...Hot dogs and the platters were passed the kids all chanted "Hot dogs- doughnuts- hot dogs-doughnuts"
It was like a dream!


  1. Don't remember watching this show but I do remember a happy ending

  2. Now that's a real "proposal" - no storybook "fantasy proposals" you see in romantic comedies. Love this story. Although atypical - may very well be the sweetest (and funniest) one I've ever heard.


  3. The mother, just like Beaver Cleaver's mom, was always vacuuming in a perfectly-tailored shirtwaist dress, pearls, and pumps. I never saw my mother in anything other than Clorox-spotted jeans and an old blouse...unless she was dressed to go out out to dinner! BB from the UWS!

  4. It was Harriet that knew best.

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  7. Now I know how he engagement went down. Love, One of Your Flower Girls.

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  9. Father knows best? Egad! I've just started watching "All in the Family" again, and stuff of interest on C-SPAN 1, 2 & 3. My lawyer thinks I'm nutz, at least for watching C-Span!

  10. The very BEST way to cure tummy ache!!
    Congratulations. ��