Wednesday, March 9, 2016

Let Me Sing Backup

today i am going to see Beautiful....

Carol King wrote the songs that made me stand on my stage (bed) with my microphone (brush) in my hand. I was the greatest back up singer of all time. The adoring crowds (voices in my head) cheered wildly and wanted me to step forward. But i knew my destiny was standing a step behind, with another, in a matching sequined gown.
 I glided back and forth on my twin trundle bed when the song was slow. i did breakneck trampoline moves when the tempo called for it. The overhead light was off, the swing armed desk lamp shining a spotlight on me. A full show with standing ovations, then off to Kiser Junior High
...i was leading a double life- by day Mediocre Student, by night Backup Superstar!

i am bringing my brush with me today....i will be ready just in case

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