Friday, March 4, 2016

As I write my first entry in this blog, I feel like a girl with a new diary..I touch the yellow leather with gold embossed lettering..."MY DIARY". Opening the book, with clean blank pages that I can write my private thoughts is exciting and a bit daunting. But I will not be intimidated, I will say whatever is on my mind....because it's safe in here. The cover has a thick leather strap with a brass lock and an adorable miniature key.......i am making keys for all of you, come on in


  1. I'm safe today but years ago I would never have given me a key. I promise to protect your innermost blogged thoughts from the outside world. Unless of course there is a monetary benefit to me. FYI, I'm 3 days late figuring out this is your blog so that means I'm now also 3 dollars short. Starting off the week in the hole...thanks a lot! And much luck...

  2. Thank you for your continued efforts to make us laugh. As noah likes to say "I don't see you trying to make me laugh" I will use your jokes to keep my marriage aok#